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Crystal Straube Stump, Esquire

Crystal S. Stump is an attorney and adoptive mother who has chosen to concentrate a significant part of her legal practice in the adoption arena. Ms. Stump focuses her practice on international adoption, readoption, foster care adoption, traditional domestic adoption and step-parent adoption.   She is active in the adoption community having written the international adoption statute for the State of West Virginia, founding an adoptive family support group, and regularly speaking with families considering adoption.

Philosophy & Fees
My practice philosophy is simple - to provide the best legal services at reasonable rates for my clients.  As an adoptive parent, I truly understand the financial costs of adoption as well as the emotional strain which often exists during the adoption process.  As a lawyer, I work tirelessly for my clients for a quick, efficient process without compromising quality legal work.  

International Adoption
Once your internationally adopted child arrives home, you should "readopt"  your child or finalize the adoption.

Domestic Adoption
Whether you adopting domestically through an agency, privately, through the foster care system, or as a step- parent, Ms. Stump can walk you through the process

Adoption Resources & Articles
As an adoptive parent, Ms. Stump understands the intense need for information and support both during and after the adoption process.   She has prepared a list of resources she and her clients have found useful and hopes that you too will find valuable information and support.   She has also written several articles related to adoption which she makes available to you.