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   Before, during and after the adoption process, I ravenously consumed any information I could find about adoption. I have compiled resources which I hope will be of help to you - regardless of where you are in the adoption process or if you have brought your precious angel home.

Articles written by Crystal S. Stump

 •When the Heart Won’t Wait, May/June 2004, Adoptive Families Magazine

Central American Heritage Video: A review, 2005 Adoptive Families Magazine

*U.S. Citizenship for Internationally Adopted Children

Why Readopt?

Readoption in West Virginia

Adoptive Family Support Groups in West Virginia
If you are just starting the process, don't wait to contact or join these groups as many offer pre-adoption support which you may find of great assistance!

Guatemala Adoptive Family Association of West Virginia
   The Guatemala Adoptive Family Association of West Virginia (GAFA of WV) consists of families who have adopted or are in the process of adopting a child from Guatemala. Founded by Ms. Stump in January 2003, its member families recognize the importance of a support group enabling their children to see other families like theirs who also endeavor to make their children proud of their heritage. 

   GAFA of WV sponsors social events, a newsletter, adoption mentors for families in the adoption process, networking and support, educational and charitable giving opportunities for families throughout the state, and other resources through its yahoo-group site. It is a state-wide association whose "activities" are based out of Charleston, West Virginia but whose network extends throughout the state bringing Guatemala adoptive families closer together.

For more information contact Madonna Estep.

From China With Love

A support group for those who have adopted or are adopting from China.  It also has group for 7 & up adoptees.

Tammy Spencer, Coordinator
455 Vine Street St. Albans, WV 25177
(304) 722-2771
Email:  FromChinaWithLove@msn.com

From the Heart & Seoul 

   A support group for those who have adopted or are adopting from Korea.   Heart & Seoul tries to get together once a month and also has a monthly email newsletter.  

Contact:   Trinity Nicholas
Email:  tnicholas@earthlink.net  

  Helpful adoption-related sites:

Adoption Learning Partners - The vision of Adoption Learning Partners is to offer highly valuable, timely, web-based educational resources for adoptive parents, adopted individuals, birth parents and the families that love them.

U.S. Department of State - International Adoption Information

West Virginia's DHHR - Adopt a WV Child

Resources specifically related to Guatemalan adoption:

www.guatadopt.com - An informative site related to adopting from Guatemala

www.guatefam.org  - Guatemala Adoptive Families Network.  

The Big List - a list-serve for people who are adopting or have adopted from Guatemala.  This generates a tremendous number of daily emails, but is a great resource and an excellent way to stay abreast of the day to day issues related to adopting from Guatemala as well as to check references on agencies and lawyers in Guatemala.   To join: 
Write a message to listserv@listserv.icors.org. Use any Subject you like. Be sure to turn off any signature you normally use. In the body of the message include the single line: subscribe guatemala-adopt firstname lastname (replace "firstname lastname" above with your real first and last names). You must supply your real first and last names; the list does not accept subscriptions with missing, partial, or made-up names.

Resources specifically related to Chinese adoption:

Families with Children from China - The purpose of this site is to consolidate the information that has been put together by the families of FCC, in order to make it easier for future parents to consider adopting from China.
Chinese adoption-related List serves – here are a handful of lists-serves regarding adopting from China. The FWCC website identified above has a more comprehensive list.

A list for pre-China families is called
• A list for post-China families is called
• The Raising Chinese Children list is a friendly and supportive community for discussion of issues of adopted Chinese children who have reached preschool and school ages.

Resources related to adopting from Korea:

Korean Adoptee Adoptive Family Network

Adopting from Korea - An Adoptive Parent's Guide to Korean Adoption


If you have suggestions of information to include, please email me at cstump@wvadoptionlawyer.com.